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You can shop ’til you drop at The 50% Off Store, 123 N. Battlefield Blvd.

The 50% Off Stores features half off all ticketed pricing of their stock, which includes thousands of items, always on sale. Shop for clothing for men, women and children. Or select home decor, health and beauty items, electronics, kitchen aids and accessories, toys,  canned foods, pantry items, It Works!® wraps and products, and more! New items every week. It’s department store quality at dime store pricing, right in the heart of Great Bridge in Chesapeake, VA. Or visit the newest store in Moyock, NC.

Nearly every week, owner Robin Barry loads up a truck full of mostly new, unused items, and brings them back to The 50% Off Stores, where you can find deals you won’t find anywhere else in Chesapeake or Moyock. Some items are returns from big box stores, however, anything you buy is satisfaction-guaranteed at The 50% Off Stores.

The sky is the limit at The 50% Off Stores! Stay up-to-date on all our new items. Be sure to bookmark our “New!” page. This is where new items will be posted.

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Take a look inside our store. Photos below only hint at the volume and variety of our stock!


kids clothes




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store photos by Vicki Matter Ford